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4-In-1 Shapewear – Tummy, Back, Thighs, Hips in Brown


This amazing black shapewear is an ultimate means to get a flattering figure under any kind of outfit. It reams invisible under all the garments. It contours and smoothens four target areas- tummy, back, thighs and hips. This bulge control shapewear is crafted with a thin fabric and is perfect for all the women out there. It can be worn for long hours at the workplace, a party or while on a shopping spree. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can always show-off a great figure. As a bonus, this shapewear is so light-weighted that you won? be bothered by any added bulk.

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4-In-1 Shapewear – Tummy, Back, Thighs, Hips in Brown


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